Cody Rhodes Aiming To Bring Back Winged Eagle Version Of WWE Title

Cody Rhodes reiterates desire to bring back Winged Eagle WWE Title

Cody Rhodes finally finished the story at WWE WrestleMania XL night two, by defeating Roman Reigns and becoming the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Rhodes made his way to the April 8 edition of WWE Raw with his new prize over his shoulder - complete with custom side plates - but Rhodes once again reiterated on the Pat McAfee show that he wants to reign with the classic ‘winged eagle’ version of the title:

“I think we should probably just come right out with it. This (the current WWE title belt) is what I got in the ring so there's a level of specialness to this, equity that's been put into it, that I have a warm feeling about so I feel differently about it today. However, that said, I had changed a title previously in the past. I am not in charge of anything, I am no longer an EVP, I have no stroke other than the fact that I'm the champion but I just think it would be special perhaps to see a particular championship, one that I grew up on,” said Rhodes.

As the podcast crowd started chanting ‘winged eagle’, Rhodes continued:

“Again, I'm not in charge of anything. Triple H is in charge of things but you guys are damn right, the winged eagle. If it doesn't happen, just don't get mad at me, okay? I'll do what I did the last time, I'm going to try my best so thank you, guys,” continued Rhodes.

In the past Rhodes brought the classic WWE Intercontinental Championship back into rotation, and also changed the Ring of Honor World Championship by wearing a literal ‘ring of honor’ on his finger during his reign.

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