Cody Rhodes Confirms AEW's TNT Show Will Be Two Hours, Travel To Different Locations

Few more details about the upcoming program...

A full 24 years have passed since Ted Turner was said to have ordered executive Scott Sassa to give Eric Bischoff two hours of wrestling on TNT every week (initially one hour for the main show, and a late-night hour for a replay airing). History repeats itself to a degree in 2019, as far as "two hours of wrestling on TNT" is concerned.

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes spoke to Chris Van Vliet ahead of Double or Nothing this past weekend, and the "American Nightmare" dropped a few more details on the vision for the weekly TV show. Although the name, broadcast night, and exact start date have not been made official, Rhodes did speak on other particulars.

Said Rhodes to Van Vliet, "It's really likely the show is going to be 2 hours. That's the sweet spot." Rhodes also emphasized that the show will be live.

Rhodes also added,  "...We're going to be all around. This isn't going to be be something that is just stationed in one spot. This is a touring brand. We're really, no pun intended, going all in on the concept of it, and it's so special because we aren't doing a live event system so when we come, we're bringing our absolute best from match quality to star quality."

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