Jim Ross: If Performers Can't Ad-Lib, "They Really Need To Figure Out Something Else To Do"

Not a fan of scripted promos...

Legendary broadcaster Jim Ross took time out prior to AEW Double or Nothing to speak with ESPN 1530's No Holds Barred. In their discussion of a litany of subjects, talk shifted to scripted promos in professional wrestling.

Ross, with 45 years of experience inside the business, is clearly not a fan, and gave his take on scripted words vs. speaking from the mind and heart.

"If talents aren't talented enough, no pun intended there, that if they can't ad lib, then they really need to figure out something else to do," said JR. "Because that was one of the backbones that built wrestling. The guys doing their promos and talking to the audience and reaching the audience."

Ross also said that AEW would not be utilizing that approach, adding, "The promos are not going to be scripted, where every single word is what you have to memorize like you're a trained actor."

As far as AEW's creative heads go, Ross praised them by saying, "They have their finger on the pulse. They all are traditionalist in the sense of being life long wrestling fans, but they are also young enough that they are able to relate to the younger wrestling fans."

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Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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