Cody Rhodes Discusses Why AEW Hasn't Held Any House Shows

AEW's Executive Vice President had a recent interview with

Since All Elite Wrestling hosted Double Or Nothing in May 2019, the young promotion has made waves within professional wrestling, notably setting itself apart from WWE. While the world's largest wrestling company produces scripted promos for their talent and allows limited creative freedom, AEW has adopted a different approach, providing wrestler's with a greater level of input and allowing their competitors to work from bullet point promos.

One of the other things AEW does differently is holding live events. WWE held 197 house shows in 2018, and has done similar numbers in 2019. All Elite Wrestling is yet to organise a single house show.

During a recent interview with, AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes was asked why they hadn't held any house shows. He explained that AEW didn't feel the need to run live events as their talent can do independent shows on weekends if they wish to get more work in. He also added that many of their wrestlers don't need extra practice ahead of Dynamite as they are sufficiently experienced.

The American Nightmare said: "One of the benefits of working for All Elite Wrestling [is] if you’re a competitor, you’re really only working one day a week. The really die-hard, committed, kind of golden circle of our company is always working, and that includes wrestlers, not just management. Their minds are always going. But it’s new to wrestling that Tony’s offered this schedule.

"Some people are free to do independent shows on the weekends where they can keep getting their reps in. Some other people don’t need the reps, like my brother, he’s had 20 years of reps. He’s TV-ready always, as kind of proven by this last week in there with The Young Bucks and Santana and Ortiz. I think it’s the way it should be."

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