Cody Rhodes Doesn't Want Another Management Job In Pro Wrestling

Cody Rhodes wants to conduct business in a wrestling ring

When Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks put on All In they inadvertently changed the wrestling business, with the three - and Kenny Omega - eventually forming AEW with Tony Khan.

In AEW Cody Rhodes was in-ring talent as well as an Executive Vice President of the company. But now that he’s back in WWE, Rhodes doesn’t want another management role in pro wrestling, telling gathered wrestling press at a post-WrestleMania 38 media scrum:

"Never say never, just general because in six years if we're having this conversation again and I've completely gone back on what I said, I don't think I want a management job in wrestling ever again,” Rhodes said. "I don't think I was mature enough for it. And I tried."

Rhodes is a wrestler first and foremost and reiterated that this role suits him best:

"As the press release stated and such, this was a very large agreement, and I'm fully all in and committed to it," Rhodes said. "So where I go, they'll send me where I go. But I will try and steer clear of any management roles, anything like - ever. I'm a wrestler... and that's probably what's best for me."

Earlier in the press conference, Rhodes stated his dream was always to be a wrestler, not an executive:

"As much as I loved where I was and I loved my job, it's no one's dream to be an executive," Rhodes said. "It's pretty cool for a minute, and then you get blamed for everything. Which, that's part of it. It's not your dream. Everyone who wants to be a wrestler, the dream is putting the belt on in their underwear. That's the dream. And I locked myself out of that because I didn't want to upset fans and do that, and they still got pissed. So I'm thinking, oh, well, f***, sorry. I locked myself out of the main title picture."

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