Cody Rhodes Doubts He Will Be Involved In WarGames At WWE Survivor Series

Cody Rhodes doesn’t think he’ll join WarGames at WWE Survivor Series

Cody Rhodes might be intent on ‘finishing the story’ in his quest for the WWE Title, but there are other chapters that he’ll have to write at some point, including a date with destiny inside WarGames.

The brutal two-ring caged fight has been a staple of NXT for several years, and made its triumphant way to WWE’s main roster at Survivor Series in 2022. But when asked if he’ll be involved in this year's WarGames match by NY Post, Cody Rhodes played down the chances of his involvement:

“I’m not gonna get picked for the WarGames team or who knows what I could be doing that night. It would be a really special thing if I could,” said Rhodes after admitting he doesn’t feel like it’s ‘gonna happen’.

The original WarGames matches occurred in Jim Crockett Promotions, the NWA forerunner to WCW. The original incarnations of the bout - and ‘the match beyond’ - were invented by Cody’s legendary father Dusty Rhodes, with Dusty competing in several acclaimed WarGames bouts in the late 1980s.

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