Cody Rhodes Gives Thoughts On AEW Revolution 2023

Cody Rhodes Has Commented On The AEW Revolution 2023 PPV

Cody Rhodes may now be a WWE superstar, but he doesn’t shy away from mentioning his former home of AEW when asked about it. Following another successful AEW PPV, Rhodes was asked to give his thoughts on the 2023 Revolution event, and he dished out praise for several members of the roster. 

Speaking on the Good Kharma Wrestling podcast, Rhodes revealed that he saw the PPV, and revealed some opinions; 

“I only saw some highlights from Ricky, I had a pirated feed, which I probably should have just figured out how to get the right feed. Not going to tell you who sent me that. I thought Ricky did great, really proud of him. Chris Jericho is an absolute legend, he's more than a legend, he's Chris Jericho. For Ricky to be able to deal with that and handle that in the way he did, very proud of Ricky.

"Very proud of Julia [Hart], proud of Malakai [Black] actually because he was somebody that I loved our interactions with and I wanted to see more of that Malakai and it's been a minute. And then all my other kids, I'm not going to name them because I'm not going to put him over. All my other kids, one of them was out there in the main event, we don't have to be best friends or anything but just very proud of their growth and their continued growth."

Of course, this is a reference to AEW World Champion MJF, who was both a friend and sworn enemy of Rhodes in AEW. Rhodes’ refusal to name him feels more like he is keeping up kayfabe rather than anything deeper than that. The other names he mentioned, Ricky Starks and Malakai Black, both scored respective victories at the PPV. 

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