Cody Rhodes: The Forbidden Door Is Open But AEW Are Focused On Their Homegrown Talent

“I just want to continue to make the show destination programming, which it's become.”

2021 has undoubtedly been the year of ‘the forbidden door’, and its opening is still being felt on a weekly basis, with AEW’s Christian Cage in IMPACT, FTR winning the AAA Tag Titles, and murder grandpa Minoru Suzuki wandering the USA looking for victims.

AEW’s Cody Rhodes has now given his thoughts on the forbidden door, telling the In The Kliq podcast that is still open, but AEW are focusing more on their homegrown stars at the moment:

“The Forbidden Door, aka Tony Khan, The Forbidden Door is truly open,” started Rhodes “We have no qualms about working with anybody from any company, we are focused on the AEW product and the homegrown AEW stars, like Sammy Guevara for example. We have that and then we have the ability to cross the streams. I just want to continue to make the show destination programming, which it's become. I want to continue to provide some of our free agents that have just joined us some fresh pathways that they can go on which include a variety and myriad of dream matches and then continue to cultivate the Dante Martins and the Lee Moriartys. These fresh, beautiful, brand new innocent children who are joining the wrestling business and are so talented. That's the goal and, you know, there's a lot of wrestlers out there. We’ll continue to grow the roster - the more the merrier, because we continue to grow our footprint on WarnerMedia, so we want to give them the best wrestling, and currently, we do that.”

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