Cody Rhodes Thinks Raw Is Still WWE's Flagship Show

Cody Rhodes still believes that WWE Raw is number one

For decades, Raw reigned supreme as WWE’s flagship television show, but since SmackDown’s high-profile move to Fox several years back, many now see the blue brand as WWE’s headline programme.

Not Cody Rhodes though, as the Raw superstar explained to Hot 97 radio:

"Having grown up in the company, I appreciate SmackDown for all it is and being on Fox and all that wonderfulness there, but RAW is still the flagship show. It almost seems like maybe a younger generation of fans, some of the kids for example that we have at the Nightmare Factory, I ask, 'Hey, what are you watching', and this and that. I feel maybe they forgot that it's the flagship show. I mean, you've got Bianca on there. You got Seth on there. You got Becky on there. I'm back on there. Plus, there's so much crossover. We're in the Mania season where the walls are down anyway. You don't know what's going to happen, Paul Heyman last week. But for it to be the flagship show, Cena being one of my biggest role models in the business, that's kind of the individual you want to pattern your steps after and he's one that I've tried to do that and be very proud of being on RAW, being back on RAW," said Rhodes. 

WWE recently celebrated 30 years of Raw with the Raw is XXX anniversary special in January.

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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