Colt Cabana: AEW Doesn't Treat Our Audience Like Dummies

Boom Boom is proud of AEW

Critics have praised AEW since its inception for its use of long term booking, and how it doesn’t necessarily hold the audience’s hand throughout its content.

According to Dark Order’s Colt Cabana, AEW doesn’t treat their audience ‘like dummies’, saying to WTRF7:

"Essentially, AEW is the new hybrid of professional wrestling. It's the underground scene and the counter-culture that is now being displayed on global television. For so long, a lot of people thought that whatever was televised wrestling, is what wrestling is. A lot of the people in AEW, including the founders, are people who believe wrestling can be different, should be different, and is different. It's a different product filled with fast-paced, high-energy, not slapping you in your face professional wrestling. We really don't treat our audience like dummies and we've very proud of that. We give it to you at face value and we love presenting something that you would want to see. I always say that I want to be the wrestler that I want to see and I believe AEW is the wrestling promotion that wrestlers want to watch.”

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