Complete WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Results: Becky Lynch Vs. Sasha Banks, Seth Rollins Vs. The Fiend

The winners and losers from Sacramento…

The majority of the card was a mystery until just hours before showtime, but alas, WWE Hell in a Cell in Sacramento ended up filling out decently enough. The final pay-per-view before the next roster reshuffling included nine matches in all, with two bouts taking place inside the titular cage, and one satisfying the crowd.

Kickoff Show: Natalya def. Lacey Evans in 9:25

Pretty simple Kickoff bout, with Evans getting the heat by working over Natalya's knee, even attempting the Sharpshooter at one juncture, only to be smacked in the face. Natalya won with her own Sharpshooter after Evans missed a moonsault. Later in the night, it was announced that the two would face off on Monday's Raw in a Last Woman Standing match.

Raw Women's/Hell in a Cell: Becky Lynch def. Sasha Banks in 23:40

A rather inventive and well-done match between the two. Highlights included Banks hitting a Meteora off the apron (which knocked Lynch into a ladder that had been set up), and a very creative spot in which Banks was sat on a chair/wedged kendo stick contraption, and dropkicked by Lynch, who dove from the apron. Lynch retained her title after a top-rope Bexploder, then drew the submission with the Dis-Arm-Her.

Tornado Tag: Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan def. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper in 16:50

Another pretty good match, with the expected formula of the heels working Bryan over, after Reigns was taken down after being hit with the steel steps. On the floor, Bryan managed to hurrachanrana his way out of a Harper powerbomb, and Reigns speared Rowan across the announce tables. Harper went down after a Superman punch, a Bryan charging knee, and then a Reigns spear to give the faces the win.

Randy Orton def. Ali in 12:10

Another "bonus" match, albeit in the sense that this one didn't even make the deluge of last-minute announcements. Ali suffered a nasty welt on his torso, sustained somewhere in the early going. Ali managed to avoid the RKO once, but not a second time, giving Orton the win.

Women's Tag Team: The Kabuki Warriors def. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in 10:30 to win the belts

The two-month reign of Bliss and Cross comes to an end. After Bliss took a consistent beating, Cross got the hot tag and managed a few near falls on Kairi Sane. Asuka, however, misted Cross in the eyes and delivered a kick to the head to change the titles.

The Viking Raiders and Braun Strowman def. The OC by disqualification in 8:10

Strowman entered into the match as a mystery partner (sadly not wearing any war paint to create a unifying theme). He managed to hit his charging shoulders around ringside, but a three-on-one beatdown inside led to a rather lame DQ. After the match, Strowman KO'ed Styles with a right hand, which allowed the announcers to hype Braun's confrontation with Tyson Fury.

During a Street Profits segment to hype Monday's Raw, Tamina pinned a present Carmella to win the 24/7 title.

Chad Gable def. King Corbin in 12:40

Corbin made a handful of short jokes about Gable prior to the match (as he is wont to do). Gable overcame his comparative shortness to defeat Corbin, after ducking a strike with the scepter, and rolling up the King. Then to drive the point home, Gable was announced as "Shorty Gable" by Greg Hamilton upon his victory.

Amid further 24/7 hijinks near international commentary row, Carmella superkicked Tamina, and R-Truth pinned Tamina to win the belt.

SmackDown Women's: Charlotte Flair def. Bayley in 10:15 to win the title

Bayley worked over Flair's leg in the early going, even going for the figure four, but Charlotte countered. Bayley attempted to cheat late in the bout, using the ropes on the pin, but was caught in the act by the official. Charlotte managed to win via submission with the Figure Eight to capture the belt, after which Bayley threw a tear-laden tantrum in light of her defeat.

WWE Universal/Hell in a Cell: The Fiend def. Seth Rollins by disqualification in 17:25

So yes, you can get disqualified in a Hell in a Cell match now. The match was bathed in a dark red light, and the fans were mostly pro-Fiend and against Rollins. At one juncture, Fiend used a giant novelty mallet as a weapon, but Rollins was DQed for using a different hammer, which sparked instant outrage from the crowd. "Restart the match" and "AEW" chants rang out as Fiend attacked Rollins afterward.

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