Video: Sean Waltman Openly Criticizes Hell In A Cell Finish On WWE Watchalong

Speaks for a lot of people…

If you've taken a stroll through social media from the final moments of Hell in a Cell onward, you've certainly seen the caustic backlash to the finish of the main event. When such a finish spawns torrential boos and heavy "AEW" chants from the Sacramento crowd, you know it left a sour taste.

In the Hell in a Cell match pitting Universal champion Seth Rollins against The Fiend, Rollins was disqualified for use of weaponry. This poses two issues, as 1) The Fiend resorted to weapon usage first, without any similar recourse, and 2) since when can you be DQed inside Hell in a Cell?

Sean Waltman was wondering the same thing.

The 2019 WWE Hall of Fame inductee (as a member of D-Generation X) took part in WWE's live Watchalong, and was just as irked as many by the non-sensical finish.

"You might not ask me back for another one of these," began a confused Waltman, "but how in the hell do you get DQed in a Hell in a fricken' Cell?"

That's what everybody else is wondering, too.


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