Control Your Narrative Re-Evaluating Following Braun Strowman's WWE Return

What next for CYN?

The upstart Control Your Narrative promotion led by EC3 have lost two of their top stars in recent months, with both Karrion Kross and Braun Strowman returning to WWE. 

This leaves the promotion with the likes of EC3, Austin Aries, Westin Blake, and Flip Gordon at the top of the card and EC3 admitted to Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston that the promotion needs to be re-evaluated. 

"We're dealing with the ramifications now because when you lose a top-level name and a draw, you know, the business does have to be re-evaluated, especially from an outside perspective of our tour, like, that will not go on as planned. I'm trying to salvage an opportunity for some of these days to maintain, but as is, it was booked based on that availability, which is no longer there, and that's okay, because again, small infrastructure. Is that what we are, a travelling promotion? We could be. Are we ready to be? I don't know," EC3 said. 

The promotion did have a tour planned for later this year, but the CYN website currently states there are no upcoming events from the company. 

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