Corey Graves Gets Into Twitter Spat With Piers Morgan

The WWE commentator made a reference to Morgan on Raw, and it spiralled from there...

Corey Graves, WWE's resident colour commentator for both Raw and SmackDown, recently became involved in a war of words on social media - with none other than British television personality and journalist, Piers Morgan.

The argument began due to a quip made by Graves on this week's Raw, held in Manchester, England. As Enzo Amore made his entrance, the commentator joked "Enzo might be the only guy less liked in England than Piers Morgan."

There was no immediate fallout, but Morgan responded yesterday, Tweeting this:


Many fans immediately leaped to Graves' defence, citing not only the injuries that forced the former NXT superstar out of the ring, but also the quality of his announcing. Since turning his hand to colour commentary, it's no secret that Graves has quickly become one of the most popular announcers in wrestling today - acclaim which seems to have slipped Morgan by.

Corey was quick to respond, tweeting:


Morgan fired back, quipping that their respective number of Twitter followers made him similar to John Cena, and Graves more akin to Heath Slater.

Fellow WWE onscreen personality Renee Young weighed in in defence of Graves, speculating whether Morgan was having a lonely night, given his apparent decision to search his own name on social media.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore also got involved, tweeting in support of the Brit - although it's likely that his words are in character, given the fact that he is currently a heel, and that he was the subject of Graves' original quip on Raw.

Morgan has been a controversial figure on social media for many years now, often using Twitter as a platform to air inflammatory or provocative opinions - but his brushes with controversy date further back. Until 2004, he was editor of the Daily Mirror, a UK newspaper which became embroiled in a phone-hacking scandal for incidents while under his charge. Morgan has always denied any involvement.

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