Corey Graves Reveals His Worst Moment As A WWE Commentator

Graves tried to correct Michael Cole at Survivor Series 2020

Corey Graves has recalled trying to correct Michael Cole on a fact about The Undertaker during the Dead Man's retirement at WWE Survivor Series 2020.

Graves and Cole were providing the analysis as legends from WWE history made their way ringside for The Undertaker's retirement speech at last year's Survivor Series, when the former NXT commentator thought lead announcer Cole had made a mistake.

As Graves went to point out the error, he realised he was the one in the wrong, and believes the moment was his worst as a WWE commentator.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on the Out Of Character Podcast, Graves recalled: "Michael Cole and I were back at the kickoff desk doing the voiceover for whatever was happening in the ring and they were talking about The Undertaker’s history and I believe it was with Diesel when Kevin Nash came out. And Michael Cole said ‘It was this WrestleMania… that this happened,’ and I corrected Cole because I was so sure that that wasn’t the year that it happened.

"And I went oh no, we’re live, I said that and I just realized I’m wrong and Twitter let me know instantly that I was wrong. It was in that particular instance, just because of the admiration and respect I have for Undertaker that I wanted everything to be perfect. That’s why I almost looked at Cole like Cole you idiot that wasn’t the year, and then I realized it’s Michael Cole, he’s usually not wrong.

"I should’ve just trusted the boss in that instance but yeah, that one I wish I could take back but I think they edited it out so it’s not the end of the world."

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