Jim Ross: Vince McMahon Has Done A Good Job Broadening WWE's Scope

Ross is delighted to see Big E as WWE Champion

Jim Ross believes Vince McMahon has done a great job of broadening WWE's scope and ensuring there is representation for people from all walks of life within the company. 

WWE Champion Big E has discussed his pride at being a black World Champion in the company and how commonplace it is becoming for black wrestlers to become top stars in WWE. This, in turn, provides the next generation with role models who look like them.

Ross is proud of how far Big E has come in WWE, having played a role in the New Day member's signing to the promotion, and believes WWE Chairman McMahon also deserves some credit for giving people the spotlight regardless of their colour, background or culture.

Speaking on his Grilling JR Podcast, he said: "“We have role models as kids. All the star wrestlers were white. Vince has done a great job of broadening the scope. Using minorities and inter-genders and all of that stuff, I don’t get involved in that stuff. Either you’re a good wrestler or you’re not.

"I don’t give two s**ts what your political affiliation is or your sexual persuasion is. I don’t care and nobody should care."

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