Court Bauer Recalls Shane McMahon Being Demoted In WWE

Shane McMahon found himself in the basement

Shane McMahon appeared to be the heir apparent in WWE for much of his first run with the company but The Boy Wonder would ultimately be usurped as heir by Stephanie McMahon and Paul 'Triple H' Levesque. Shane would resign from WWE in 2010 before he returned as an in-ring talent in 2016. He was let go by Vince McMahon earlier this year due to his backstage behaviour at the Royal Rumble.

Speaking about the McMahon family on The Insiders podcast, Court Bauer compared them to the Roy Family from HBO's hit series Succession, before he recalled Shane being demoted within WWE during his time on the creative team. 

"Day one...if this was a season of Succession, she was in the go position. She was up next. Hunter was primarily talent. He would sit in on some meetings...but he was just kind of absorbing at this point, and kind of watching. Wasn't really contributing too much selectively," Bauer began.

"When I was there, and then we learned that [Shane] moved from the fourth floor - which is where all the C-suite executives were - to basically the basement or the parking garage level, which is next to the mailroom and was running [WWE.com]. I remember seeing Dusty in the cafeteria that day and him saying 'Well I think you know who's been demoted,' and word was out. Shane was running [WWE.com] but now he was in the basement. Vince was on the fourth floor, Linda was on the fourth floor, Stephanie was on the fourth floor, everyone was on the fourth floor...except for Shane."

There was speculation following Vince McMahon's retirement that Shane might return to WWE but that has yet to take place, with it being noted there is still a divide between Shane and Stephanie McMahon. After Vince's retirement, Stephanie and Nick Khan were appointed Co-CEOs, while Triple H is Chief Content Officer. 

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