D-Von Dudley Confirms He & Bully Ray Have Reunited

The Dudley Boys needed a break from one another, but are back to working together again

WWE producer D-Von Dudley has dispelled any rumours of heat between him and former tag team partner Bubba Ray Dudley, confirming that he is happy to work with his fellow WWE Hall of Famer. 

Last year, D-Von said that he and Bubba no longer 'do business' together.

However, during an interview with The A2theK podcast, D-Von explained that there was never any beef between the pair and that they simply needed a break from each other. 

"We just spoke yesterday about an autograph signing we're going to do together. You know, a lot of people thought that me and Bubba were at odds, and we weren't at odds. It was just that he and I needed a break. He and I were together for 20 years. I saw him more than my first two wives, which wasn't a bad idea. Sometimes, you need a break, and that's what we did. We took a break, and now we're reunited again".

D-Von confirmed that he is happy to make appearances with Bubba, who still wrestles on the independent circuit as Bully Ray. 

"Again, it's like KISS putting on the makeup and going back on stage again. We're going to do all the hits you want us to do. But we're going to do it from an autograph signing standpoint. If I got to be on the outside, walking him down the aisle and helping him, throwing the punch here and there, I can do that.

"I've told the promoters bringing us in to do this stuff; Bubba will be the main guy wrestling in the ring. I'll be the one on the outside tripping [Bubba's opponents] and doing everything that D-Von can do on the outside, and if I gotta get in the ring, I'll get in the ring, but I'm not taking any bumps".

D-Von recently underwent back surgery to correct a longstanding issue. Prior to that, he suffered a stroke, necessitating time off from his WWE duties. He formally announced his in-ring retirement in 2020. 

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