D-Von Dudley Hopes William Regal, Road Dogg Can Return To WWE In The Future

Wrestling is a revolving door, D-Von believes

Following a rebrand in September of 2021, WWE continued to make changes to NXT in the new year and several big figures in developmental were let go by the company, including NXT producer Road Dogg and WWE Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting William Regal. 

While their current runs with the company may be over, WWE Producer D-Von Dudley hopes both Regal and Road Dogg can come back to the promotion in the future.

"Well again, I don't know too much. I mean, again, on the, you know, I hate to say 'firings' but [WWE] letting go of certain talent or their producers or you know, talent. I don't know too much of it. I do know that, you know, William Regal was looked upon as probably one of the greatest minds in the business to help launch NXT with Triple H. Of course Road Dogg working for both main roster and NXT. A lot of people praised Road Dogg for his contributions for both rosters," Dudley said on the Wrestle Buddy podcast.

"It's sad, you know, but for whatever reason, WWE did what they did. You know, it's not me to judge or to ask questions. I just - I do my job and I move forward. They will be greatly missed because again, they were great minds and they were able to put a shot in the arm on both SmackDown, Raw and NXT. So hopefully, they'll be fine and maybe one day, like everybody else says in wrestling, it's a revolving door. Hopefully they'll be able to come back," he continued.

"Not in the wrestling form because that's what they always say. They expect us to come back wrestling and I'm just like, 'No, we're too old to do that now,' even though some of us don't feel that way and we still wanna get in the ring but, I know my time is done. 

"But I just feel that one day, it probably will come back around. We might see those guys back again, we might not, I don't know. But I do know that they will be greatly missed and you know, again, it was sad news to hear about the exiting of so many great people," D-Von added.

What the future holds for Road Dogg and William Regal remains to be seen, but Tommy Dreamer recently revealed he reached out to the former NXT General Manager about a possible role in IMPACT Wrestling.

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