D-Von Dudley: Vince McMahon Is Open To WWE Producers Pitching Ideas

McMahon isn't opposed to suggestions, D-Von has said

D-Von Dudley has said Vince McMahon is open to WWE producers pitching ideas.

McMahon remains hands-on within WWE and is still very much the main man when it comes to creative. The boss does employ producers to put together matches with talent, though, and Dudley, who was the agent for the SmackDown Tag Team Title match at Money In The Bank, has noted the boss is open to receiving ideas from others. 

"You can (pitch a different idea to Vince). You still have a Plan B in hand and another plan that will make the match better than the original idea that he may have come up with. He's open to that. Vince is not closed-minded to that. If he has an idea and he wants it to be shown on TV, but you come up with something better and he feels that way, he'll use it. He's open to that. He has no problem with that. He actually asked for that from his producers," D-Von said on Table Talk.

The SmackDown Tag Team Title match at the July 18 pay-per-view ultimately received some criticism and one particular social media user told D-Von he should have stood up to McMahon to get the match changed. 

Dudley addressed this, adding: "That won't make news. 'Vince is doing the right thing.' Everybody wants to 'down Vince.' Sometimes, 'I'm like goddamnit Vince, what the hell.' Then there are other times I'm like, 'Damn, Vince, that was good.' You'll never be able to satisfy everybody, no matter how good it is. You can have a million people love the pay-per-view and there will always be that one percent who is like 'it sucked, it was horrible.' So the idiot saying that because I didn't go up to Vince McMahon and say something that I'm a horrible person and the match was horrible; that match was great. 15,000 people in the arena were chanting 'this is awesome.'"

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