Dana White Reveals That Vince McMahon Shut Down UFC TV Deal

Vince McMahon stopped the UFC getting a TV deal

The rocky relationship over the years between WWE’s Vince McMahon and UFC’s Dana White has been no secret, and even though the pair are now working together following the merger of the companies, White hasn’t been silent when it comes to their turbulent past.

When speaking on The Triggered podcast, White discussed how McMahon would often stick it to him, and even got in the way of UFC procuring a television deal with NBC and the USA Network. 

White revealed that he was very close to striking a deal back in the early 2010s, noting that he was “on the one yard line” but at the time Vince McMahon had the final say when it comes to other sporting promotions putting content on the same network as WWE. A meeting was held, but things were quickly shut down by McMahon, who sat back and stated “Yeah, I’m not going to do that”. And that was that, as McMahon didn't like the idea, with the UFC instead heading over to Fox. 

Both McMahon and White have played down the idea of bad blood in the present, with the two men throwing compliments towards the others’ business acumen.

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Written by Andrew Kelly