Darby Allin Offers AEW Contract To Nick Wayne At DEFY Wrestling Event

The 16-year-old will reportedly be on an 'apprenticeship' deal until he turns 18

The recent DEFY Wrestling Fifth Anniversary Show was a night to remember for Nick Wayne, despite coming up short in the night’s main event against DEFY Interim World Champion Christopher Daniels, as the 16-year-old indie sensation was offered an AEW contract by Darby Allin.

Allin received a rapturous reception as he made his way to the ring, presenting Wayne with the contract as the crowd chanted ‘YES’ and ‘you deserve it’ at Wayne who simply responded “Yes, f*** yes” before embracing Allin.

Bryan Alvarez later noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Wayne’s deal is likely to be some sort of ‘wrestling apprenticeship’, with Wayne expected to finish school before signing with AEW as a full-time competitor once he turns 18.

Wayne later took to Twitter to simply Tweet: “All Elite.”

Wayne is a third-generation wrestler, and has been a fixture for the likes of DEFY and GCW, and will face Shane ‘Swerve’ Strickland at a DEFY show in February, with Strickland making his presence felt after Wayne received his contract offer.

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