Dave Meltzer Responds To Seth Rollins Criticism Of His Star Ratings

The World Heavyweight Champion recently criticised Meltzer's ratings system on Logan Paul's podcast.

Recently, we saw WWE's current World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins criticise Dave Meltzer's star ratings as "silly" during an appearance on Logan Paul's IMPAULSIVE show. Now Meltzer has responded on the McGuire on Wrestling podcast, and explained why he feels largely unaffected, stating:

"It doesn't bother me [...] It's as silly as movie ratings, food critic ratings, video game ratings, it's all the same — it's all opinion. If Seth can say that a match is good, then it's a three-star match. If he can say it's great, it's a four-star match. They're synonymous with each other, you see what I'm saying?

"[Jim] Cornette's the guy who came up with it, and it was based on numbers instead of saying, 'Good, very good, excellent.' And then they had to raise it because the four, which was originally the top number, matches just got too good, so we had to have the five. Then they added the six, they added the six before I ever got there. [...] So people saying, 'You broke your system,' it wasn't my system and I didn't break it."

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