Davey Richards Reveals Why He Signed With MLW

The American Wolf has come out of retirement to join the company

Much has said about Davey Richards coming out of retirement to join MLW, with the former ROH World Champion’s return to the ring after four years a shock to the wrestling world.

Now Richards himself has detailed why he has joined MLW, telling The Wrestling Inc. Daily:

“I was blown away, quite frankly, when I announced I was going to return that a lot of the bigger name promotions reached out, I was very, very humbled by that. I’ve always looked at wrestling as more of a sport than entertainment. I think you should be so good at wrestling that it is entertaining. It’s just my philosophy and my opinion.

“MLW was really in line with that way of thinking in how they present their product. It’s more sports-oriented. It was a really organic fit. It just clicked right off the bat, more than the other places at this time. It was really an easy decision to be quite frank. I’m really excited for July 10 and beyond. I think it’s gonna be a good fit. Tom Lawlor, Hammerstone, Jacob Fatu, there’s some good stuff there. There’s gonna be some magic, so I’m excited.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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