Deonna Purrazzo Comments On The Culture In WWE NXT

After her recent release...

Back on April 15, WWE released Deonna Purrazzo and 34 other Superstars. The releases came after the company announced they would be making cutbacks because of the coronavirus pandemic, despite estimates showing WWE is still on course to make record profits in 2020. 

During a recent interview with Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful, The Virtuosa discussed her time in NXT and that there is a culture on the black and gold brand of you should be grateful for what you are given and not ask for more.

Purrazzo said: "I just feel like NXT is a culture of you're grateful for what you get and you don't ask for more, and I wasn't grateful for what I got because I feel like I worked my ass off to get to NXT. I worked my ass off to prove I belonged there when I got there. I gave so much of myself to promos and having vignettes filmed on my own dime and my own time. I thought out character ideas, vignettes for me as a tag team, for vignettes of me, Chelsea (Green), and Rachel (Evers) as a trio, for myself. I just invested a lot of me in different ways that they could use me and use my potential and it did fall on deaf ears because when I got opportunities they were given to other people because 'I wasn't ready,' and I didn't let it slide."

Purrazzo has previously revealed that she was unhappy in WWE and this is partly why she believes she was released by the company. The Virtuosa also mentioned that she thinks the wrestling behemoth only signed her to stop her from wrestling at All In and then signing with All Elite Wrestling. 

H/T: Fightful

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