Deonna Purrazzo Reveals Scrapped Plans For IMPACT Hard To Kill Match With Mickie James

Deonna Purrazzo and Mickie James had more planned for their wild Texas Death Match at Hard to Kill 2022

Mickie James’ return to IMPACT Wrestling’s Knockout Division in 2021 put her on a crash course with Deonna Purrazzo, with the two engaging in an hellacious Texas Death Match at Hard to Kill 2022 for the Knockouts Championship.

The match headlined the PPV with James coming out on top, but Deonna Purrazzo revealed to PWTorch that some parts of the match were scrapped due to time constraints:

“I think with this specific match, I think it was more laid out. We tried to lay it out like, ‘We’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do this and it’s gonna work to this’ and you know, when we get into the heat of a match, I’m kind of just like, well, I’ll tell you what I need and I don’t necessarily plan that,” said Purrazzo. “But, for this type of match because we wanted to go up on the ramp and then we needed the cameras to follow us and then we were down ringside. We actually planned a whole bar brawl. There was a bar in the back. We wanted to go back there and throw drinks and do the things. We just couldn’t because we were running short on time so we were just talking to each other of like, ‘We have to go here, we have to go here’ and what we planned out, because we needed the cameras and stuff to come with us, it was more planned out than I think typical. But we actually had to cut a lot of it to be able to end the pay-per-view on time. But yeah, I think that also what makes it easy with Mickie is you can just go out there and be like, ‘Hey, we gotta go. Let’s just go here’ and nix a whole bunch of stuff you planned and just kind of work on the fly and feel it out and know how to work back to the spots you did plan.”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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