Dexter Lumis Signs Contract After Defeating The Miz On WWE Raw

WWE's Raw brand has a new sinister Superstar.

Last night's WWE Raw saw Dexter Lumis finally become an official member of the brand, after defeating The Miz in a No DQ Match. 

Lumis' win meant that he earned a WWE contract, as well as a bag of Miz's money, which Dexter proceeded to hand out to the front row after the match. An angry Miz attacked Lumis to put a stop to this, only to be superkicked by Johnny Gargano. 

Lumis has been feuding with Miz for a while now, stalking or attacking him on an almost-weekly basis on Raw. However, this was later revealed by Gargano to be a plan orchestrated by Miz, in order to garner attention and sympathy. 

According to Gargano, Miz was initially paying Lumis for the fake attacks, only to stop paying him - at which point the altercations became real. 

Gargano and Lumis have a shared history from their days in NXT, thanks to Lumis' kayfabe marriage to Gargano's stablemate Indi Hartwell.

With Dexter now on Raw full-time, it'll be interesting to see whether his feud with The Miz continues, or whether Miz's attention is refocused on Gargano, with Lumis moving on to a different storyline.

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