Dominik Mysterio Doesn't Want To Face Rey In WWE

No Rey vs. Dominik feud, the Mysterios hope

Rey Mysterio isn't the only wrestler opposed to a Rey vs. Dominik Mysterio feud. 

While Rey and Dominik have been aligned as a tag team for much of the younger Mysterio's WWE run, the father and son team have been bickering on TV for months and WWE have discussed having Dominik turn heel to feud with his dad. 

Rey has been opposed to facing his son, though, and the former WWE Champion admitted he would prefer to just pass the torch to Dominik when the time is right. 

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Dominik has also revealed he is opposed to fighting Rey inside the squared circle because "there's so much more" they can still do together.

"Me personally, I would not like to get in the ring with my dad, just because I think there's so much more that we can do still. But, what you see on TV is how we argue, how we fight, and how we bump heads, and that's 100 percent us. He literally nitpicks freaking everything. Sometimes, it gets to the point where I'm like, no cameras are on us, and I'm just like, 'I get it pops, I see what I'm doing here,' It's frustrating, but at the same time, I understand where he's coming from, as a dad trying to help me out," Dominik said.

"So I think it's important for me to realise that. But, I don't know man, I don't see myself jumping in the ring and trading blows with him just because at the end of the day that is pops. We fight, we're gonna fight. That's part of nature, but I don't know if I'd go in there and trade blows with him."

Instead of facing his father, Dominik previously revealed the long-term goal is for him to become Rey Mysterio Jr. and continue his family's legacy. 

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