Heath Wants To Reform The Nexus In IMPACT Wrestling

Heath was in the original Nexus group in 2010

Heath has revealed the independent promoters have reached out about reforming The Nexus, and is interested in the idea of bringing the group to IMPACT Wrestling

Heath was a part of the original Nexus stable in WWE in 2010, which went through a number of altercations before disbanding 14 months later.

Debuting as one of the hottest groups in WWE, interest in the faction has remained around a decade later, and Heath is interested in the idea of looking at reuniting with the group.

Speaking to Inside the Ropes, Heath said: "I have group messages with Nexus, 3MB, Social Outcasts, like we have our, you know, messages. I still talk to these guys literally every month, like, that’s a fact. You know, but then there’s been promoters around that’s been wanting to get the gang back together, which I feel like could be really cool.

"But you try to get six other guys, seven other guys, all on the same page, man, And it’s just really hard. Because I mean, you’ve got to remember Nexus was, what, 11 years ago, 12? 2010, 2011? So, yeah, so it was a long time and people still look at it. It’s right there [pans the camera to a Nexus poster]. 

"You know, people still talk about it, and it was one of those things where I think people will always talk about it because it was a really cool moment. I just was lucky enough to be part of it.

"But if I was a fan, I’ve been like, What is going on here? What don’t beat up, John Cena! Yeah, but it’s one of those things where, like, it was just a very, very cool moment. And it’s like, you know, a decade of some change later, man, it’s like people still talk about it. But I would me personally, I would love to get the band back together and just have some fun running some shots on some big indie spots.

"So, you know, hell, bring them to IMPACT. Why not? You know, I know a guy that could probably talk to them. So but it’s one of those things where like, who knows? But don’t get me wrong, there’s been promoters out there that literally reaching out wanting to get us at Comic-Con’s and everything. A big signing and all this, which I think is a good start.

"Get us all together with chit chat. Let’s chill. Let’s have dinner. And then let’s talk about what we can do because I just think it’s funny because we’re not those young kids no more. We’re like seasoned vets. So I feel like we can do a lot more damage now than what we did before."

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