Dominik Mysterio Reportedly Set For Character Makeover As Part Of WWE Heel Turn

Dominik could be transformed into Prince Mysterio

WWE have been teasing dissention between Dominik Mysterio and father Rey Mysterio in recent weeks, and the younger Mysterio is reportedly being prepared for a heel turn and a change in character.

Talks have persisted backstage in WWE about an eventual heel turn for Dominik ever since he debuted in the promotion last year and, according to, those conversations have turned to how the 24-year-old should be repackaged when he does go bad.

According to the report, Vince McMahon is very receptive to the idea of Dominik finally putting on a mask in WWE, which in turn would progress Dominik into being called Prince Mysterio in the promotion - a name Rey trademarked a number of years ago.

The character of Prince Mysterio would declare himself to be the superior wrestler in the Mysterio family, leading to his split from his father.

WWE's tease of problems between Dominik and Rey have progressed in the last couple of weeks, as the former has faced and lost to Sami Zayn on three occasions.

Zayn said, following their most recent match last week, that it was the closest that Dominik has come to beating him but also suggested that the 'common denominator' in each of the losses has been Rey Mysterio coming down to ringside and distracting his son.

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