Don Callis Describes Current NJPW Bullet Club Members As "Replacement Players"

"It's like a mark fantasy camp almost"

Since reuniting in IMPACT Wrestling and AEW, Kenny Omega, The Good Brothers and The Young Bucks have called back to their Bullet Club days by using the too sweet gesture and sometimes wearing Bullet Club t-shirts. Their actions have upset the current members of the faction, though, and Tama Tonga has previously called them "Bootleg Club" while Jay White recently said they were "corny" and "a cheap rip-off trying to recreate the past." 

Don Callis, The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega held a press conference following last night's Dynamite to clear the air but The Invisible Hand may have made the situation worse after he said the current members of Bullet Club were just "replacement players."

"It's a good time to kind of clear the air here because I actually feel bad because they're our brothers over there, okay," Callis said. "And look, people say, 'Why do you guys have to have everything?' We take all that can be taken and then we take a little more. 

"But I actually feel a little bit bad because I think look – the bottom line is that when the three brothers left the Bullet Club, it actually was a good thing because it created opportunity for some mid-card guys to move up the chain and fly the flag. It's kind of like when baseball had a work stoppage and they had the replacement players. The scabs came in, they got an opportunity. It's like a mark fantasy camp almost... I think we've done something really good here. This is a nice thing that we've done. We've created opportunity.

"Those guys are good guys but you don't replace Michael Jordon [points to Kenny Omega}. You don't replace Magic Johnson and Larry Bird [points to The Good Brothers]. You can try but this is what happens. So, I think the Bullet Club guys in Japan are great. I'm not familiar with what the names are just yet but they're flying the flag. So, I would like to put a stop to all of these bad feelings. I would like to say that - you know they called us corny? I don't know how you get over using words like that, but listen, here's the deal, I'd like to encourage all the fans out there, please buy the merch. Let's get them back in the top 40 on Pro Wrestling Tees."

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