Drew McIntyre Happy About WWE's Switch To Saturday Night PPVs

A positive for overseas fans

While WWE have traditionally held their pay-per-views on Sunday nights, that will be less of a regular occurrence in 2022 and seven of the company's destination events will air on Saturday nights next year, including Royal Rumble, Money In The Bank, SummerSlam and night one of WrestleMania 38.

The news of Saturday pay-per-views reportedly went down well backstage and Drew McIntyre has expressed his support for the move, noting the difficulty of watching WWE pay-per-views live in the United Kingdom on a Sunday. 

"Saturday night just makes so much more sense. Sunday historically, WWE, that's when the pay-per-view has always been on. Being someone from overseas, I used to have to stay awake until 1 or 2 o'clock on school nights. I guess I didn't have to if I recorded it. I used to watch those events and show up to school so tired. I always wondered why can't they do these on Saturdays. That's not my department. I can't say to them, 'We should be doing it on this day.' I'm so glad we tried. The recent SummerSlam on a Saturday was wildly successful," McIntyre said on the Battleground Podcast.

"Now it seems like going forward we're going to be doing a lot more Saturdays and a lot more stadium shows than ever in 2022. I'm very happy about it, and I know our fans are so ecstatic about it. They can stay awake, sleep in on Sunday, or stay awake if they want to watch the show. In America, they can go out, have a night out afterwards and talk about the thing they love. They can talk about all the awesome matches and not have to worry about the next day. They can actually sleep in.  If you're overseas, you can stay awake late and maybe sleep in the next day. It just works out for everybody."

Elsewhere, McIntyre has been doing the media rounds to promote WWE's latest UK tour and The Scottish Warrior claimed that nobody in the industry comes close to Roman Reigns.

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