The Rock: I Love Going Back To WWE Whenever I'm Able To

The Rock made his WWE debut 25 years ago this month

The Rock says his career in Hollywood and as one of the world's most famous individuals would never have happened without WWE, which is why he loves returning to the promotion whenever his schedule allows.

Rumours have persisted over potential for one more match for The Rock in WWE, against his cousin Roman Reigns, something that The Great One says isn't in the works in the immediate future but he is open to going forward.

Having broken into movies and making a worldwide name for himself, Dwayne Johnson will always have a special place inside of him for WWE.

Speaking to ET Canada, he said: "I don't take any of this for granted. I came from that world and love that world of pro wrestling and grew up in that world. I cut my teeth there and had my debut many moons ago in New York City, Madison Square Garden, Survivor Series for WWE.

"I always say...if you're a wrestling fan, then you understand. If you're not a wrestling fan and you don't understand, that's totally cool, but the context I like to give people is, I have been lucky and bless to have the career I've had, but there is no greatest connection than the one I have with the audience and it all started there in that world.

"It forced me to think on my toes, live crowd, talking sh*t, but it also forced me to listen, really listen to the crowd. I would want to go one way, and I'd say something, but I would hear the reaction and go, 'Ah, maybe I should go this way.'

"My time in WWE will always have such a special place in my heart and that's why I love going back whenever I'm able to."

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