Drew McIntyre: I Have Unfinished Business On WWE SmackDown

“Maybe it's not right now. Perhaps it's the future. But when it happens, it's going to be big.”

After a few successful years on WWE Raw, including two WWE Championship runs, Drew McIntyre has been drafted over to SmackDown, where the former Chosen One has plenty of unfinished business to take care of.

Before he switched brands, McIntyre spoke with DAZN’s Steven Muehlhausen, and when asked about the possibility of switching shows, Drew spoke about the loose ends he needs to tie up on the blue brand:

“I've thought about this a lot this past week. When I returned to WWE, I returned to NXT initially but then Monday Night Raw, and over the past three years, Raw has been my home. I finally achieved my dreams, my goals when I became WWE Champion. I became the face of the brand. I have achieved so much, and Raw feels like home, so I can't imagine not being part of Raw. At the same time, sometimes it's cool to get a fresh coat of paint to get a change of scenery. I debuted on SmackDown in 2007 and re-debuted in 2009 with the “Chosen One” stuff. I have some unfinished business, so realistically I'll be happy wherever.”

McIntyre was initially pushed hard as Vince McMahon’s ‘Chosen One’ on SmackDown in 2009, and was asked if a return to SmackDown would see his WWE career come full circle:

“I really do think that'd be the case. I'm very proud of everything I was able to do on Raw especially being champion at the height of the pandemic and leading the charge but at the same time working hard for everyone else to make sure everybody was entertained during those difficult times and be a leader. But if I did end up on Smackdown for me personally, there is unfinished business, so that could be very interesting. I'm torn right now.”

McIntyre later gave more clarity on what unfinished business he has over on SmackDown:

“I have unfinished business in a lot of ways just from a career perspective and things not working out when I was a kid on SmackDown. But at the same time, there's unfinished business there with Roman 100 percent. In WWE, he's the final boss, and I'm excited when the time comes for that story. Maybe it's not right now. Perhaps it's the future. But when it happens, it's going to be big.”

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