Drew McIntyre: I Know There Are Some Good Stories I Could Tell On WWE SmackDown

Could we see the Scottish Psychopath move to the blue brand?

Drew McIntyre doesn't care about where he is placed following the upcoming WWE Draft but he is excited about the prospect of moving to WWE SmackDown to have fresh matches. 

During a press event prior to WWE's Live show in Glasgow, the former WWE Champion spoke to Eat, Sleep, Suplex, Retweet about his excitement for the Draft. 

McIntyre said: "I could be on any show, if you listen to the internet, they want SmackDown as the place for me to be. I'm excited for the draft and mixing things up. I think there's been a significant amount of time that we have had the Raw roster and the SmackDown roster, we have had a lot of good feuds.

"I think I've pretty much worked with everybody that I want to work with on Raw and I'm excited for things to get mixed up now and get into some good programs. That's what I care about, the story. I know there's some good stories that I could be able to tell on SmackDown. So be it if I go there or if they come over to Raw, I don't care. I'm just excited for the future feuds.”

Since his main roster return in April 2018 the Scottish Psychopath has been exclusive to the Raw brand. As part of the brand, he would go on to win the 2020 Royal Rumble and later become a two-time WWE Champion and led the company through the COVID-19 Pandemic era programming. 

The former WWE Champion has hinted at potential future feuds should he move to the SmackDown brand and highlighted his 2020 Money in the Bank opponent, Seth Rollins, as someone he would like to work with again:

"Seth and I have done a lot with roles reversed where I was the bad guy and he was a good guy. We had my first title defence, and probably the most underrated match ever. For the pay-per-view that was right after WrestleMania and there was nobody there that Performance Center and I enjoyed that match so much, he's so good, but from a story perspective, I know that we can do some cool stuff, he's actually a bad guy and wants to be bad, which is always nice."

It's not just Seth Rollins that has piqued McIntyre's interest, he is interested by the thought of getting back in the ring with Edge: "Edge is Edge. Again, I know all the storytelling would be unbelievable, because he's an absolute master at it. I got to be in the ring with him a lot when I was younger, where I'm at now, where he's at now, could be really good would be some really cool stuff."

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