Drew McIntyre: The Fans Are WWE's Number One Superstar

The Scottish Warrior can't wait to get back to performing in front of live crowds

Drew McIntyre is eagerly anticipating the return to live events and seeing WWE fans on a regular basis, describing them as the promotion's 'number one superstar'.

Fans will finally be welcomed back into Raw, SmackDown and pay-per-views from Friday 16 July as WWE go back on the road, with a series of 'Supershows' also announced as the copany resumes touring.

McIntyre now feels there is a greater appreciation for the fans, having performed for over a year without them, and is excited to welcome them back.

Speaking to the Bubba Show, McIntyre said: "Me personally, I probably never had a day where I was like, ‘Ugh, a house show today, a live event today’ and no television cameras'. That’s not something I really went through because I’m so obsessed with wrestling, and I have been fired from WWE in the past, and I do have a greater appreciation and perspective for how lucky I am.

"But I know a lot of our superstars have felt that way, and there’s been times where I’ve been tired and felt like, ‘I don’t know if I can give 100% today’. I will never not be grateful and I will never not give 100%.

"If I get food poisoning if I’m feeling as sick as I’ve ever felt on the day of a show, I will be on that show, I’ll be giving it absolutely everything I’ve got, and I know my fellow superstars won’t ever have that thought cross their mind about, ‘oh man, I could do it with a day off today’ because now, not having the fans for such a long time, we truly know what we said all along - that our fans are our number one superstar.

"They create the unique atmosphere of WWE. There’s nothing like it on earth; it’s so interactive for such an important part of the show. It can change the direction of an interview; it can make an average match good, a good match great, a great match legendary. I can’t wait to have them back."

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