Drew McIntyre Wants Main-Event Level Match With Cesaro In WWE

The two have never had a match together in WWE

Drew McIntyre has named Cesaro as the next WWE superstar he wants to see break into the main event scene. 

Cesaro is enjoying a run in the upper mid-card on Smackdown in the build to WWE WrestleMania 37, having enjoyed wins over Daniel Bryan. It seems the Swiss Superman is set for a match with Seth Rollins in the near future, potentially at 'The Showcase Of The Immortals', with the two building a feud in recent weeks. 

Former WWE Champion McIntyre is highly enjoying watching Cesaro work, having never wrestled him before, but believes the former United States Champion is well on his way to breaking through into WWE's top echelon of talent. 

When it happens, the Scotsman wants to finally have a match with Cesaro. 

Speaking with Bleacher Report, when asked which superstar he wants to see break into the main event scene next, McIntyre said: "We're watching it right now. I think everyone and their dog have been saying Cesaro [is due for a push] for about five years, and it's true. 

"The fact of the matter is I've never been in the ring and had a match with him. I can just tell watching him. Usually, you can only tell how good someone is when you get in with them. If I got in with him, that would be so much fun.

"To see him getting an opportunity to work with someone as good as Seth—and Seth is incredible—I'm excited to see where they're going to go. If they give this the right build, present Cesaro in a way that highlights his strengths and get to that match, it'd be cool to see Cesaro break into the next level and finally have a match with Drew McIntyre."

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