Drew McIntyre: Working A WWE Program With Randy Orton Was Like Getting A PhD

The duo worked a feud in mid-2020

Drew McIntyre has compared working his program with Randy Orton in WWE in 2020 to getting a PhD in wrestling.

McIntyre and Orton feuded over the WWE Championship throughout the summer of 2020, resulting in The Viper claiming the Title from the Scotsman at Hell In A Cell in October, only for McIntyre to win it back a few weeks later. 

Speaking about the rivalry, McIntyre recognises working with a talent of Orton's calibre was a chance for him to show he could be trusted as a main-event talent, and highlighted just how much he learned from Orton.

Speaking to SportsKeeda Wrestling, McIntyre said: "Working with Randy is what showed the world that I could not just get to the top, but stay on top. He is absolutely unbelievable in every area of this industry. During that period working with Edge, somehow even as good as he was, he got better in the ring. His character was elevated to the next level.

"I knew when I became champion that when I would step into the ring with Randy, that would be my chance to show that I could step up with not just the best, but one of the best of all time, like one of the top five, in my opinion, of all time. If I could hang with him, I wouldn’t just prove to the world, I could prove to myself that I belong.

"When it comes to the in ring, when it comes to the important stuff in between moves that Randy’s an absolute master of. That’s what was so critical about that period, that I was not only able to step up, but at the same time, learn so much from working with Randy.

"Getting three months with him was like getting a PhD.  Without Brock at Mania, and without working with Randy, I’m certainly not in the position I am right now."


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