Drew McIntyre's Onscreen Name In WWE Was Changed 10 Minutes Before He Debuted

A frantic debut for the former Intercontinental champion...

After signing with WWE in 2007, Drew McIntyre quickly experienced issues within the company.

On the latest episode of WWE Break It Down, McIntyre explained that he was initially going to debut with his real name of Drew Galloway but 10 minutes before his match, Stephanie McMahon asked if it was his real name. McIntyre confirmed it was and was subsequently told that he had to quickly come up with a new onscreen surname.

The Scottish Psychopath and Michael Hayes then went through Scottish surnames on Wikipedia and landed on McIntyre just before he was due to make his entrance.

McIntyre said: "Stephanie McMahon says to me and Michael Hayes, 'Is Drew Galloway your real name?' I said yeah. She said, 'Uh, we’re gonna need to change that.' I’m on in legitimately two matches, maybe 10 minutes max... So, myself and Michael Hayes ran to talent relations and he told them to bring up Wikipedia and a list of Scottish names. We went from A all the way through and listened to these names with a very limited time frame to get a new name. We went all the way until McDonald first which he liked, I went, 'Nope, I know a Drew McDonald, I can't be him.' I need three syllables, the fans have to chant it when I'm good one day and he said, 'Mc-In-Tyre.' That's the one and we ran straight back to Gorrilla.'"

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