EC3 Confirms Drake Maverick Legitimately Peed Himself At WWE Survivor Series 2018

The fake urine machine malfunctioned...

Back at Survivor Series 2018, manager of AOP Drake Maverick saved the match for his team by placing Rezar's leg on the bottom rope to break up a pin. This greatly angered Cesaro of The Bar who chased Drake until he ran straight into their manager The Big Show. The World's Largest Athlete then picked Maverick up with his giant hand which terrified the now NXT Superstar and led to him peeing himself. 

During the angle, Maverick could be seen fumbling around with his trousers, seemingly trying to get a machine to work, but a report at the time from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted the contraption failed and Spud legitimately peed himself to make the skit work. 

During a recent interview with Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful, Maverick's friend EC3 confirmed the report was true and Drake did legitimately pee himself at the pay-per-view after his fake urine machine malfunctioned. 

EC3 said: "I think NXT's awesome and fun. Hopefully they use him to his capabilities as a storyteller and a veteran presence and talent that can help mould a generation of people that might not get it yet. He's awesome. If it was a different world and he was free to try something else, I would have been excited to see what he really could do, but at the same time in this world's climate… NXT's cool. They'll let him be him. I mean, the guy p*ssed his pants for that company. For real p*ssed his pants. That wasn't - the thing malfunctioned. Did you know this? So, someone has this great idea where he p*sses his pants, send him out there with a malfunctioning [pant p*sser]. It didn't work. To watch him, he's such a professional in the back of his mind, and he's very paranoid, 'Oh, man, I need a full tank just in case I need to pee my pants,' and he did."

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