EC3: I Only Briefly Returned To IMPACT To Help Moose

The former IMPACT Champion popped back to the company in 2020

When EC3 was released from WWE in 2020, most assumed it’d be a matter of time before he returned ‘home’ to IMPACT, the place where EC3 made his name as a former two-time IMPACT World Champion.

Indeed, EC3 did return to IMPACT, but only fleetingly before signing with Ring of Honor, with EC3 telling The Wrestling Epicenter why he ultimately chose ROH over other promotions:

“Yes, the phone rang elsewhere, but Ring of Honor is something I’ve never done. And it’s a storied brand and a legacy that is reinventing itself. It’s finding its own new purpose. It’s something that I want to help build and create. I don’t want to go somewhere where I’m just an interchangeable part. I want to go somewhere, create something, build something, make something special happen based on the hard work I can put in.”

As for EC3’s fleeting return to IMPACT? It was all about helping one man:

“That was not about me. It was about Moose,” EC3 revealed. “Because Moose has a talent and what the Essential Character sees is talents who don’t truly show who they are. I wanted to bring that out of him. That was my sole reason for returning to Impact. That and also to end Ethan Carter the Third once and for all as that name serves me no more.”

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