Eddie Kingston Wants Cesaro To Join AEW So They Can End Their Feud

Eddie Kingston and Cesaro feuded on the Indies before they joined AEW and WWE respectively

Since news broke that Cesaro’s WWE contract expired, many have waited with bated breath to see if the former US Champion will make his way to AEW.

If Cesaro (aka Claudio Castagnoli) makes his way to AEW then one face who will be there to greet him will be Eddie Kingston, with Kingston itching to get another shot at his former rival:

"There's a couple of people. I know I say I don't want him at AEW, but Claudio Castagnoli, I would love him to be in AEW so I can smack the s*** out of him. We have a lot of unfinished business. Like you said, you don't want to know the backstage stuff, that's fine, but there's some serious stuff between us. I would love to end it and see if he does the right thing at AEW. But again, not my show," Kingston said on Wrestling Perspective Podcast.

Kingston has his fair share of enemies already in AEW, and ‘The Mad King’ went on to say he’d like another shot at CM Punk, as well as Claudio:

"Punk, definitely. At least he's in AEW, so I may have another chance at that,” continued Kingston. “Because like you said, there's a lot more history there to explore with me and Punk. I'll get with anybody in the ring, I don't really care. The way I look at it is, you're not going to pull out a gun, you're not going to pull out a knife, I'm fine. I'll be okay. I've had things broken before. Broken bones heal, I'll be alright. But definitely without a shadow of a doubt, Claudio is number one and Punk's definitely number two. But Claudio for sure because I kind of want to end the beef we've had.”

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