Eddie Kingston Wishes CM Punk Was Still With AEW

Eddie Kingston would still have CM Punk in AEW

Throughout his stay in All Elite Wrestling, CM Punk proved to be a divisive figure with the controversial former AEW World Champion having plenty of friends and enemies alike in the AEW locker room.

One name with no love lost for CM Punk is Eddie Kingston, with the two having a stellar albeit short feud early in Punk’s run, perpetuated by real life animosity. However, save for doing a happy jig now Punk is gone, Kingston admits he would still like the ‘Second City Saint’ to be a part of the AEW roster, saying the following to Adrian Hernandez:

“No. No, I’m doing my job. Then that’s how I felt,” said Kingston when asked about his incendiary promo on Punk in 2021. “I didn’t know what anyone else in the locker room felt. I didn’t care, it’s how I felt, I didn’t want him there. Me and Punk don’t like each other and that’s fine. You’re not gonna like everybody you work with. Do I wish he was still in AEW and I wish it worked out differently? Yeah, because he helped the company. But, other than that, I don’t give a f*** what he does, you know what I mean? (Kingston laughed) Because me and him never got along anyway. We don’t have to be best friends to fight each other. It makes it better when we’re not best friends, you know, when we have to fight each other. I don’t wish him bad but I don’t wish him good either because I don’t give a f***. That’s it.” 

The two had a stellar PPV match at Full Gear 2021, with Punk defeating Kingston in 11 minutes.

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