Edge: How WWE's John Cena Is Like Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder

High praise from the WWE Hall Of Famer

Edge has compared long-time WWE colleague and rival John Cena to Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, saying that both can change what they're planning to do on the fly based on audience reaction.

Cena and Edge became one of WWE's staple rivalries in the 2000s, regularly competing over the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships on Raw and SmackDown.

The two men are certainly one of each other's greatest opponents and Edge has heaped praise on the 16-time World Champion, saying Cena has the ability to feel the crowd and change up his performance based on their energy.

Speaking as a special guest on The Kurt Angle Show, Edge said: "John is very much a performer that likes to feel a crowd. I kind of liken him to Eddie Vedder [from Pearl Jam].

"Eddie Vedder will drop a setlist for Pearl Jam, a different one every night and change it on the fly because he’s feeling the audience. That’s what John and I would do because you just don’t know what an audience is going to do. To be able to think on your toes and to be able to go with your gut out there, that’s what John and I did and that’s fun."

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