Mike Chioda Recalls Roman Reigns Kicking Enzo Amore Out Of The WWE Locker Room

The Realest Guy in the hallway

Enzo Amore is a divisive figure, and certainly a lightning rod for controversy. He made his career by being brash, and outspoken, and it seems like that was as true outside the ring as in it.

Stories have long floated that Enzo was at one point banished from WWE’s locker room by locker-room leader Roman Reigns, and on Mike Chioda’s Monday Mailbag Show on adfreeshows.com, the former WWE ref gave his side of the story:

“You’ve just got to be respectful in certain ways,” started Chioda “Enzo was a big part of that where Enzo walked around like his s*** didn’t stink. I love Enzo man, he’s a good dude, Jersey boy as well. He got some heat too, couldn’t dress in the locker room, couldn’t dress here, and that was Roman Reigns taking care of that. I remember Enzo come walking in TVL and I’m like ‘What the hell are you doing, you dressing in here bro?’ And he goes ‘Yeah, do you guys mind’ and I said ‘No, not at all, what’s up?’ [Enzo said] ‘Oh f*** I got heat!’ [Laughs] I was like what else is new? I said ‘From who, the office?’ He’s like ‘No, worse, Roman.’ I’m like ‘What?! Oh f*** that’s the last one you want heat from.’”

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