Edge Names The WWE Superstar Who Should Have Broken Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak

"I think that should have been saved for someone who you want to strap the rocket to."

Edge believes Roman Reigns should have been the man who eventually broke the Undertaker's legendary WrestleMania streak, rather than Brock Lesnar. 

Lesnar shocked the wrestling world when he defeated 'Taker at WrestleMania 30, ending his 21-match winning run at 'The Showcase Of The Immortals' and becoming the first man to get the win over 'The Phenom' on that stage. 

Reigns would become the second man to achieve that feat, at WrestleMania 33, with Reigns and Lesnar the only two men to defeat Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Edge feels Reigns should have been the first guy to beat Undertaker at WrestleMania, strapping the rocket to him as the guy WWE wanted to build around going forward. 

Speaking to Sports Nation, The Rated R Superstar said: "I think that should have been saved for someone who you want to strap the rocket to. And you know and you trust and is going to like... to me, Roman Reigns was the guy to do it. And that's where it should have been done.

"I know I get that he's [Brock Lesnar] a believable one to do it, but okay, great, this is professional wrestling. It's not MMA. So to me, you do it with the character that you think is going to pull your cart for the next 10-15 years."

Edge, who himself was previously pitched as a potential superstar to break 'Taker's WrestleMania streak back at WrestleMania 24, is set to challenge Reigns for the Universal Championship this year in a triple threat match along with Daniel Bryan. 

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