Edge Reveals Why He Established Judgment Day

Edge opens up on The Judgment Day’s formation

Edge has been involved in several factions during his storied WWE career, having been involved with The Brood, The Ministry of Darkness, and La Familia amongst others.

After returning to WWE in 2020, Edge would once again revert to spooky ways when he formed The Judgment Day in 2022, bringing together Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley, before being ousted by Finn Balor. With a heated Hell in a Cell match against Balor set for WrestleMania 39, Edge has opened up on why he formed Judgment Day in the first place:

"I had a list of guys that I wanted to get in the ring with and a list of talent that, if I can help in any way, I wanted to be able to try and help as well. On the female side, Rhea Ripley was one of those. So the whole formation of Judgment Day and all of that was to honestly try and help Damian Priest, Ripley, and Balor get a better foothold within the company because I thought they deserved it. I think they're all really, really talented. If I look at it, I've wrestled AJ [Styles], I've wrestled Finn, I wrestled Priest, I wrestled Roman [Reigns], I wrestled Daniel Bryan, you know, those were all guys on the list,” said Edge to Sportsnet Today.

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