Enzo Amore Explains Why He Crashed WWE Survivor Series 2018

Why did Enzo attempt to 'hijack' the 2018 Survivor Series?

Former WWE star Enzo Amore (who now goes by Real1 or nZo) recently opened up on his decision to 'crash' the 2018 Survivor Series pay-per-view. 

The former Cruiserweight Champion was in the audience and began making a scene during the match between The Bar and AOP, before he was ejected from the arena (and banned from future events at the Staples Centre). 

Enzo had been released by WWE earlier in the year after being publicly accused of sexual assault. The charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence.

During an appearance on the DDP Snake Pit podcast, Amore spoke about the Survivor Series publicity stunt, noting his reasons for doing it by saying: 

"It had to be done to set up what I was going to do. Like, I had — at that point I'm angry, at that point I don't want to go back to WWE. And at that point I'm in the nZo brand now, I'm in the Real1 brand. And the way I was thinking about it was like, 'Hey man, I got a following on social media'. You guys didn't have this in 1998, so if somebody got fired in '98 and they had a following what would they do? So okay, I'm my own brand now, and I gotta look out for number one. 

"So if I show up to Survivor Series, that will book this character, this Brian Pillman character that I'm creating, back into wrestling. 'Off his rocker, no one knows what he's gonna do'. And that, to me, is money. That's where people will watch. They'll watch because they don't know what's going to happen. They don't know what's going to be said, and they believe that it's real."

Enzo also noted that some of his 'advisors' had tried to talk him out of doing it and that the stunt likely killed off his chances of returning to WWE. 

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