Nick Aldis Clarifies 'Toxic' Claims Levelled At NWA

Nick Aldis and NWA are seemingly not on good terms

Nick Aldis impending exit from NWA is not set to be a quiet affair, with the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion currently suspended from the promotion ahead of the expiration of his contract in January 2023.

Aldis and NWA President Billy Corgan have been at odds for some time, with Aldis recently labelling the promotion ‘toxic’. Aldis has since given some clarity to his claims, sharing the following with Wrestling Inc.:

“I'm not trying to get into the political stuff. That's not interesting to me. Politics in this country is very, very split. Very divided. I'm a centrist. However, I feel like as a brand, you should do your best to be apolitical as well... that's not really the meat of the matter. It's more about the audience [having] been telling them one thing for a long time, and Billy specifically has been disregarding them and doing the complete opposite, almost out of spite," Aldis said.

Aldis continued, explaining how he believes Corgan is going against the fanbase:

"At some point, it feels like he's sort of deliberately going against what the fans are asking for, and it just feels like a very spiteful approach. I just don't think that it's got anything to do with business. I think it's just to do with ego," Aldis continued.

The two sides have seemingly been at odds over various things, from the lack of an NWA EmPowerrr 2 PPV, alleged disrespect of Aldis' wife Mickie James by Corgan, to the booking of Tyrus as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

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