Eric Bischoff Opens Up On Hulk Hogan Taking Goldberg 'Under His Wing' In WCW

Rumours have suggested Hogan 'manipulated' Goldberg

Eric Bischoff has opened up on the relationship between Hulk Hogan and Goldberg in WCW. 

Rumours have persisted for years that Hogan manipulated a young and inexperienced Goldberg in WCW in order to further his own position backstage in the promotion. However, Bischoff has now denied those claims.

The former WCW boss says that Hogan was a big supporter of Goldberg and wanted to look out for his best interests, sometimes to the detriment of the promotion.

Speaking on the 83 Weeks Podcast, Bischoff said: "I know Hulk was a very, very big supporter of Bill Goldberg. In fact, you know, it was what it was.

"One of the reasons why I ultimately had such a difficult time with Goldberg was due in no small part to the fact that Hulk was in his ear and kind of guiding him. I understand that you know. Hulk knew that Goldberg was special. He also knew that Goldberg was inexperienced in the wrestling industry. Never been in it, he was still new and unsure of himself in some respects. Not when it came to physicality, of course; he was very confident in himself.

"But the business of the wrestling business is a treacherous one. There's a lot of politics, a lot of gamesmanship, there's a lot of maneuvering, always has been that way. And, Hulk kind of took, I would say, to a degree, under his wing, including getting Bill the same attorney that Hulk had, Henry Halls. And once Henry started managing Bill or representing Bill, I must say, things got really tricky real fast, and that's in no small part due to Hulk Hogan's influence on Bill Goldberg to help protect him. 

"So this nefarious kind of scheming and planning as it relates to Bill Goldberg, at least by Hulk, I don't think so. Hulk would have never manipulated Goldberg into a situation that was not a good situation for Bill. I wouldn't buy that."

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